how about Federer vs Nadal 1st Round at Wimbledon??

want it?

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The Big Foe fan

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Nadal made the SF of the last 2 Wimbledon he played, and only lost 10-8 to Djokovic in 2018.
So there is a very good chance of Nadal winning Wimbledon, especially now that his 2nd Serve is 10mph faster than past years.
And nobody can say "He hasn't won it since 2010 so no chance of him winning it in 2022", because clearly his longevity allows him to do anything he wants.
Its not his longevity that allows him to win, its the vacuum of good players


Talk Tennis Guru
The way Rog's dropping points, it seems highly unlikely that he'll be inside top100 by Wimbledon to make it to main draw

He'll need a wildcard to enter and organizers, knowing he's a ticking time bomb, may want to cash on the opportunity early and not take any risk. They may set up fedal #5 at Wimbledon in 1st or 2nd round.

Gimme your thoughts? Do you want it?
Yes? Then why?
No? Then why?
That will never happen. Federer has friends in high places at Wimbledon.
It would be a fantastic story to start the tournament.

Either that or put Federer on an outside court against a qualifier and deliberately make the net too high for a joke. Maybe invite Philip Langer along to welcome him on court. That'll create a great story.

The Big Foe fan

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That will never happen. Federer has friends in high places at Wimbledon.
After all these years, if anything is crystal clear, its the fact that Nadal is the one with the highest number of connections which he exploit and misuse to cover his illegal on court antics.