How are the contenders shaping up?

So, i now have a job and no internet cos i'm moving into my new place. nightmare times to watch the AO, i'm living on scraps. I'm watching highlights of Federer- Hanescu and he's looking great, for what it's worth the courts look pretty much identical to last year. How are Nadal and Djokovic doing? Murray looked devastating against his 1st round opponent, but that's an exhausted qualifier. Del Potro? Monfils? Is Roddick over his fitness problems? I'll come back tomorrow night, don't give away results! Pre-tourny I picked Djokovic for the title.


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So far.. it seems like the right off the script.. apart from the soderling's surprising upset..
only question to me is if that long match did any damage to delpo's wrist injury..
Roddick has played well, Nadal and Murray have also been very good.

Del Potro and Djokovic have struggled a bit but you'd expect them to step it up a notch now we're reaching the second week.