how are the Tecnifibre Spinfire strings?


got a reel of the 18g and really love the crispness in a hybrid setup w/ Sheep Micro 17g in the cross. spin generation is good as well. as for tension maintenance, i don't really care since i string my own racquets AND the reel is really affordable.


Tecnifibre first introduced Spinfire and then Spinfire Maxipower. AFAIK, Spinfire was discontinued; I still have some 16 and 17 on reels. The Maxipower has more stretch when tensioning. It is a fine string IMO; its appearance is the silvery one like Luxilon ALU Power, and I like it a bit more than ALU and it's price is a bit lower. Most of the time I string it as a hybrid for customers.


For me, it's quite good in terms of playing characteristics and quite comfortable.
However, I was somewhat disappointed with tension maintenance. Well, I guess it's no surprise. It's a poly after all.
It's all right. I really enjoyed it in my prestiges but it was not durable enough for my POGs. When I played with the I.Presige mid I used to break them after about 8 hours of play, and with the POG it only takes me an 1,5. Really like the racquets so I had to switch strings. It really is a good string though.


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I went through a reel of 17g Spinfire last year and am currently using the 18g version this year. I use it for both main and cross.

Durability is very good for a thin gauge since it is polyester based. For me, the 18g Spinfire lasts almost as long as 16g Prince Synthetic Gut w/Duraflex even without string savers. I use string savers so they last roughly twice as long now.

Playing characteristics are above average across the board in terms of power, control, feel, spin. It feels and performs somewhat like Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power but at less than half the cost.

In regards to tension maintenance, you can try pre-stretching the string before or while stringing it. This minimizes tension loss. Otherwise you may notice it losing some tension over the first few days of play before it settles in at a lower tension level. However, some people advise against pre-stretching polyester because it takes away some liveliness and makes it feel even stiffer. Try it first with pre-stretching and if you don't like the tension loss then you should then pre-stretch the next time and see how that feels. If the string bed feels a bit too stiff when playing after using pre-stretch, try lowering the tension a couple of pounds to compensate. Personally, I like it just fine after using pre-stretch.

Even with string savers I break the 18g version in around 12 hours of play (approx. 5 playing sessions) but to me it is worth it because of the spin and overall playability I get with this string. Plus the string is affordable and I string my racquets myself. I do break strings faster than most people so this string will probably last much longer for most others. For comparison, I break 16g Prince Synthetic Gut w/Duraflex strings without string savers in about 8 to 9 hours of play (3 to 4 playing sessions). The 16 and 17 gauge versions of Spinfire are more durable but offer less playability than the 18 gauge.

TW is still selling Spinfire for 5.99/set or 59.99/reel (660ft). I have the reel and I figure 660 feet lasts me for around 17-18 racquets. That's around 3 and a half bucks per racquet for a reel before tax and shipping vs. 5.99 for a retail set, so buy the reel if you decide to stick with this string. Great value for a good string. I used to play with Luxilon but can't justify myself paying over double for a string that performs about the same or close to it.