How bald/worn will you continue to wear your shoes?


How bald/worn will you continue to wear your shoes? I have friends who will play in shoes until there are holes at the bottom. I play with shoes until it's fairly bald, or until I start slipping and I think it's because of the shoes. Any pictures of your worn shoes and if it's playable to you? I'll upload some of mine and I'm curious what you guys think.


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I find myself slipping slightly before real balding occurs and it is not a happy experience.

Barricades actually wear out elsewhere before I start slipping.


I tend to wear them until the midsole is showing under the big toe. At that point, I normally become aware of the loss of traction and switch them out.

My current strategy involves rotating thru four pairs of shoes. Some I tend to reserve for match play and they last longer. Others are used for practice and don't last as long.


I wear them until slipping becomes a problem.

With my GR5s that took about five months. They outsole was fairly smooth but didn't look that bad. I was slipping a lot and even falling on a regular basis when I sent them back under warranty and bought a pair of GR6s.



As has been posted in the above longer thread by various people...

Usually the moment I start to slip mildly enough, it's when I send them back for warranty replacement by TENNIS WAREHOUSE (not Nike) and they will honor this polite form of warranty when the thread just started to get bald, usually on the outside of my toe area...
That's the main reason I consider TW the best tennis store on planet.

That was the case with many pairs of Nike Court Ballistecs 4.3.

Now, with Nike Lunar Ballistecs 1.0, I haven't slipped yet, although again the thread is getting bald on the outside of the toe area (and that's good news so far!)


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i wear mine until i burn through the midsole as that is what nike insists i do to become eligible for the voucher..