How big is the difference between the RDS001 and its MP-version?


I'm on the market for a new racket. I tried the K90, I will get an asian K90 soon, I will try the Dunlop Aerogel 200 and today I played with the RDS001MP - the Midsize version wasn't available for a demo. I currently use a PS85 by the way...

The racket (RDS001) was pretty good overall but it has too much power, not enough control and it wasn't stable enough. Now I wonder how the midsize version is. Is it about the same with less power, more control and more stability or is it completely different? The TW-review gave me the impression that both rackets are very different but I would like to know what you guys have experienced... ;)
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I thought the mid size had about as much power as the nCode Tour 90, It had pretty good control nice with depth on groundies. It really should have been strung with gut and had a dampener I really didnt like the feel.

Have you used the RDX 500 Mid?
I can'nt speak to the midplus as i have never hit with it. The mid is an awesome racket, in my opinion. I used to hit with a LM prestige mid and I immediately noticed the increase of spin on the racket. It has very little power, you need to take a big swing on both sides. The stiffness of the racket is noticable at the net, it volleys well. I've had the racket for about two months so I'm not yet serving well enough but I'm having some very good flat serves and my slice serve has alot of action. From what I've heard there is a significant power difference between the mid and midplus versions of the racket. HTH


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The mid has good control. The overall weight is stable on groundstrokes and the open pattern will give you good spin. If you go with the mid try stringing it lower say around the mid 50's. I had the RDX500 mid and liked mine at 56 lbs.


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I didn't hit the Mid, I found the MP to be very controllable, when I control myself, I wonder how the MP compares to the RDS 002 Tour, and Dunlop Aerogel 200 or 300?


Thanks for your comments. But it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. Some more comments? Like: Mid vs MP on groundstrokes, volleys, serves, touch+feel, stability, maneuverability...

Pete, I thought you were using Fed's racquet now :rolleyes:
I still use my PS85.

The tennis-shop nearby doesn't have K90s yet. The first ones were sold out after a few days. So I decided to try some other rackets as well. I really like the Yonex and I also want to try the new Dunlop AG200. I've also ordered an asian K90 to see/feel the difference between the two versions.

The K90 is still my favourite, but I'm not sure whether it's the best racket for clay courts. The swingweight is very high and it tires me out after about an hour and a half. Not on fast surfaces though, but on clay... and that's where I have to play most of the time. That's why I keep looking. If I don't find anything that satisfies me as much as the K90 I will buy it ;)