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Do you hate cheters like poblo

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  1. jediknightdan

    jediknightdan New User

    Sep 8, 2004
  2. Rickson

    Rickson G.O.A.T.

    Jun 16, 2004
    Actually, I hate whiners like you.
  3. aahala

    aahala New User

    Apr 30, 2004
    It is cheating to call a ball out unless you are fairly confident it did in fact land out of play.

    The rules of tennis do not require or prohibit the amount of spin, pace or placement within the court, the nature of your "swing", your grip, or which hand(s) to use.

    As far as I can tell, it's prefectly legal to hold the racket in your mouth if you care to do so.
  4. skuludo

    skuludo Professional

    May 7, 2004
    Then try hitting flatter topspin forehand and backhand. Make sure you don't hit the lines no matter what. Also no matter what, don't let him break your serve. Get a high percentage of your most lethal first serves in down the line out wide or into the body. Second serves, try hitting your topspin serves into your opponents face to setup a weak return. On the lobbed short balls try hitting crunch balls on your forehand side near the corners but not touching the line. The speed should probly cause him to hit late, and by not returning it to that person directly would also increase the chance of him hitting late because that person needs to move. By not having to worry about your service game you can relax on your return game and try to break his serve.

    If this style can't be executed because you lack the serves and huge forehand there isn't much but play his style till you improve. When he hits a drop shot you hit one back with a huge angle. When he lobs you simply return it with your topspin backhand and forehand and try to keep this up for 6 hours. If you can't smash or volley effectivly then hit the ball with your forehand or backhand as the ball decends to your normal contact zone. Try keeping this up for 6 hours. This will mean you will be doing the most running if you can't put away the lob shots and can't hit super angles against the drop shot. Another safe way to return the lobs is behind the leg shot (lob version). If you play a lobbing game it will all come down to consistency. And you'll end up as the one chasing balls like hell especially the drop shots.

    Your option is to improve and become a better player so you can win with ease or just use what you already have. Really try flattening your shots out and improve your serve.

    I just thought up of another gameplan, but it requires some decent groundstrokes to pull it off. For the lobs just simply return it with your regular strokes. And as soon as your opponent gives away his drop shot (Watch the take back and the way he holds the racket) move up quickly. If the drop shot is short and high bouncing you can pound it with a 2 handed backhand with shear pace or forehand. If you got a 1 hander you can do the same thing or hit just hit a slice and play net. Then retreat back when you can see the lob coming. This way early anticipation is key. You must be able to see how your opponent gives those 2 shots away.

    Another strategy be your enemy. Drop shot his drop shot then lob his arse to get him running back and then you run back as well then drop shot his lob. Repeat process till one screws up.

    Also your shots are probly out. You can't really see if the balls landed in if your standing in the opposide side of the court. Unless you are next to the baseline your opponent is standing, then you can truly see if that person is cheating.

    Again I reccomend that you improve your game so you can win with raw power and control with volley or smash.
  5. BSousa

    BSousa Rookie

    Jul 5, 2004
    this may sound crazy I know, but playing better than him usually does the trick!

    aka : if he's a cheater, refuse to play him, if you are the only one doing this maybe it isn't his fault. As for his game, is just as valid as any other style.
  6. papa

    papa Hall of Fame

    Jul 13, 2004
    Its especially trying when someone calls the ball out even before its landed - ticks me off.

    These people exist in all sports like in golf where they have to roll the ball over before every shot. I don't think people should even be allowed to play golf unless they can prove they can count to ten and realize that every time you touch the ball after it's teed up (if its not on the green or in the event where you have free drop) or TRY to hit it, its a stroke d--- it.

    Sorry, touched on a sore subject with me.
  7. TennisManiac

    TennisManiac Guest

    pablo needs to learn how to play tennis..and stop calling line shots out...

    and i hate fagets
  8. TennisManiac

    TennisManiac Guest

    "When in doubt, call it out"


    thats pablo's method

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