How can the wilson clash have enough power when it is so flexible and so light?

due to the arrangement of the fibers in it. That's the technology. But i never liked that racquet, its not much suitable if you want your racquet to be little powerless


It's all about where you put the flex and where you put the stiffness and how those things react to swing speed.

Personally I can play with it and it's comfortable but it's a numb feeling and I don't really like the control. I have to really go for large targets.


I kinda want to demo one just to see what its like
It is about where and how it flexes. Imagine a flexible rod how the snapback can be used for extra power. One of the things I like about some racquets, is how one can leverage the flex. Clash is not my favorite, but flexy sticks can be fun.
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The Clash is very headlight which allows for excellent racquet head speed for power and spin (not including the oversize version). It's also got a thick beam frame to enhance stability despite its low flex. Personally, I prefer flexible racquets and their arm-friendly qualities.