How come Wawrinka is friends with both Federer and Djokovic


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Djokovic and Federer have a cold relationship that everyone knows. That developed through the years. And i dont think they respect and like each other.

But when it comes to Djokovic Wawrinka , its a different story. They hace some tough matches over the years, but there is mutual respect and friendship.

Wawrinka is also friends with Roger. They go back long time. But Wawrinka has some grudge or complex maybe being in Rogers shadow for so so long time


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Usually players from same country flock together. All spanish players look upto Rafa and similarly for Serbian players foe Novak.

But here a Swiss player and Serbian player are very close


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Turned into some kind of pigeon triangle.
Stockholm syndome couldnt overpower the Nole-Fed animosity but highly influences other two interactions.
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I suppose we should stop laughing at people who claim to be both a Federer and Nadal fan... Compared to this that's nothing, right?


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Stan Novak mutual respect started after the tough 5 setters at Australia Open , 3 in fact and also at US Open.
It culminated at French open 2015 when Stan beat Novak. Also asked if he's ok.
You can see the respect Novak has for Stan.

They bonds well, practised together. Also watched 2018 world cup match togther.
Did a video call in this lockdown too.


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Roger and Stan.
They go way back. And while Roger became no.1 won slams and all, Stan was happy to play second fiddle.
All changed in 2014.
Stan won grand slam beating Novak and Rafa. Roger was ecstatic for him. All went well till 2014 year end masters. The semi brought a lot of conflict because of Mirka.
Patched up but it was clear that Stan is no longer the second fiddle.

Stan won 2 more slams in 2015 and 2016 beating Novak. While Roger didn't win slam , he used to win the matches over Stan.

But they are very close.


Of course Stan can be friendly with both. He's no threat to either.

I'm sure Fred and Novak could be friends if they weren't each vying for the game's ultimate prize.

"There can be only one"