How do I fix my forehand?

Eddie Brock

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My forehand has always been my weapon and I've never had to give it much thought. I spent a great deal of time working on by backhand, which feels pretty good now. I took lessons from 2 different coaches and they were working on something with my back swing on my forehand and now I've completely lost my timing.

When I try to hit my elbow was pushing against my body and I don't know what to do with my left hand. I played today and got my elbow away from my body, but I'm still hitting the ball too close to me and I'm getting jammed. Now my right arm is bothering me between the bicep and tricep.

Since I never gave the shot any thought I don't know what I used to do or how to fix it.


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When I am hitting bad and timing is off I go to the hitting wall and try to reset. Start nice and easy pace, establish clean contact and play around with the contact point since you have control over the pace. Sometimes it can help you get back on your feet and regain some confidence in that shot.


It would be easier to give an idea if we could see the problem. It is very difficult to give specific advice otherwise.