How do i know when its time for a restring?

Discussion in 'Strings' started by stav_babolat, Mar 4, 2008.

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    Aug 2, 2007
    im not much of a string breaker and i really dont know when my strings are "dead" or when its time for a restring. WHat are the signs that id need a restring and how can i tell that they are "dead".

    If a set of synthetic guts / multi's start to "peel" does that mean they urgently need a restring or should i use them a bit more?
  2. scotus

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    No, it's just the outer coating peeling away.

    Your string may feel "dead" when it is no longer elastic enough to give you the sense of pocketing the ball. You may feel more shock on your arm, or the ball might start flying on you.

    When you don't have as much control as you used to, blame it on the string and cut it out.

    A good way to find out whether it is your technique or string that is to blame is for you to have at least two racquets. Have your other racquet freshly strung and start experimenting. Alternate your racquets and see whether you regain solid control with the fresh set of strings. With more experience, you will know pretty much intuitively when to replace your string.
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    Old rule of thumb is to restring as many times per year as many times per week you play.
    If you are playing 6 times a week, you should restring at least every other month.

    Actually depends what are you playing with. If you are playing with poly, you should restring every 3-4 weeks, anyway, since it is already dead and rotting away.
    If you are playing with gut, you are probably fine little bit longer.

    Regards, Predrag

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