How do I send my shoe with the warranty?

I read the instructions on your website but it is not very clear. I believe I have worn my shoes out in 1 month. A small hole in the rubber on the heel can be seen. Does all the rubber have to be worn out, or just a small piece? Second, where do I ship it? And do I pay for shipping?

TW Staff

To submit durability guarantee replacements to us, the shoes must have been bought from Tennis Warehouse.

If you are not sure if your shoe qualifies, I would recommend taking a picture and sending it to to determine whether it qualifies for replacement. If it qualifies and is not an adidas shoe, you will return the shoes to us. adidas shoes are sent back directly to adidas. You can find the process for returning adidas shoes here:

You will need to cover the shipping of the shoes back to us, but if you still have the return shipping label from your order, you could try to use that. If the color is no longer available, another color of the shoes will be sent. If the model is no longer available at all, another shoe of equal or greater value will be sent instead.

Tiffani, TW