How do you beat someone that stinks?

Discussion in 'Adult League & Tournament Talk' started by dgrave2, Jan 23, 2008.

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    Wait, if you know you can easily beat them then why are you asking us? Just kidding. ;)

    The bottom line is that you need to become a better player yourself if you want to beat them. Right now, they are the better players because they can beat you. Winning is what makes someone the "better" player, not how hard one can hit the ball. The great thing about tennis is that there are many different ways to win. :)

    Work on your consistency.
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    i give up. are my posts even showing up? lol. (btw thanks venetian, at least YOU read everything lol)
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    dgrave, some discussion sites won't delete threads upon request without a good reason. The feeling is that lots of people besides the OP have contributed to the thread and don't deserve to have their conversation interrupted and blasted off the face of the planet.

    Don't know if that is how TW handles things, but it might be.
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    i did read everything, and still felt the need to be a jerk. I guess I am a jerk.

    At any rate to beat a pusher you have to be a pusher or get a lot better. When someone is running down everything you are hitting and getting it back over you need to hit better shots or you need to push back. If you push and they push and you really are better they should mess up before you, right?

    Btw, you could have searched how to beat a pusher... im pretty sure there was a rather large thread on this in the past 6 months.

    edit: actually there is a sticky on this topic
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    At 3.0 consistency wins, the higher your level the more weapons you need, the lower your level, the more consistency is the determining factor. At 3.0 and under, tennis really is a game of errors.

    So, you have to develop a more consistent game. Its fundamental to winning.

    You need to take a good look at your strengths and weaknesses as a 3.0 player and match them up against your opponent. All 3.0 players have weaknesses, that's why they are 3.0. Find his weaknesses, and apply your strengths against him.

    And if you don't consider being a pusher as a style of play to be a strength for you, then you obviously don't want to attempt to beat someone who is strong in that style by being a pusher yourself. You are playing right into their strengths and will likely lose. They are better at it than you.

    So, you need to develop your strategy and tactics after taking a close look at your own game and go with your strengths, minimize exposing your own weaknesses (impatience, over hitting, inability to angle short balls off), and attack his weaknesses (his weak backhand possibly, bring them forward and exploit their lack of mid court or net game possibly, capitalize on their propensity to hit short balls, etc).

    But, you can't do any of that until you know your own game and learn to evaluate your opponents.

    One of the best things you can do to pushers at 3.0 is to develop your own mid-court game and punish them for handing you those soft short balls with all those available angles to you, and master the put away, and 1-2 shot combinations from the mid court moving forward to net. You don't need power at 3.0 in the mid-court, you need good footwork, lots of tiny steps during preparation, and place those balls in nasty places with nice form. This isn't a place at 3.0 to be crushing balls or trying to put tons of spin on the ball, that comes with more development and is one of the reasons pushers as a style disappear at higher levels. They get punished for handing people short soft balls rather than deep ones.

    Its frustrating. Most of us have been there. You get schooled enough by pushers, you'll start to respect them more for having a strategy and applying it well against opponents.

    Good luck.

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