how do you find the extreme eastern FH


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I am interested in trying this extreme eastern FH grip because I have never been totally satisfied with the SW after converting from eastern. I'm not going to re-hash the pros and cons of regular eastern or SW. I've made up my mind to now give a serious try at extreme eastern.

I know the index base knuckle (or heel of the hand) lies flat against bevel 3 for eastern or on bevel 4 for SW but for extreme eastern it is inbetween these two on the ridge , i.e. 3.5. This is fairly easy to find when practicing but it is not very intuitive or easy to put your base knuckle or heel on the 3.5edge during a match especially while switching from FH to BH back to FH, etc.

Anybody who uses it or teaches it, can tell me some tips on how to practice finding the grip very fast, would be appreciated.



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It all comes with practice. Once you hit with that grip for awhile, you'll naturally switch to that grip because it'll start feeling good (if you like it and use it ofcourse). It'll take a couple days to get used too, but you should be fine switching back and forth.


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As BlakeO said, you need to hit a bunch of balls with your SW grip, then switch a bit towards EFH to find the exact grip you need for your "Xtreme" EFH grip. There is no exact way to hold a racket on ANY grip, as human physiciology is different for each of us.
Find a combo that hits hard, is consistent, puts some topspin, and doesn't tire you out.


blake and leed are right.

Also, grip should be very forgiving cuz it's adjusted by swing path and pattern. I have many variations of sw but I just go for the one w/ most comfort and slinginess.