How do you handle the slower paced shots w/ spin?. Harder shots easier if prepped?.

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by LazyAzN, Sep 11, 2006.

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    Mar 24, 2005
    I've been noticing from my last match (finally I won a match for my HS team...), that I had issues with being able to at least hit with 75% power on the slow shots that are sort of shoulder height. Usually they fly out, which would mean I would mean I would have to apply more spin to it. But since its so high, I have a really hard time doing so... So what I would end up doing is sort of doing a wind shield wiper across, so that its pulled up and towards the left with my wrist, which I do not believe is the proper way... So is there a better way to improve on spin? I use a SW forehand...

    Now for the 2nd part, also from the match today, my opponent, using a babolat pure drive and was pretty short, could easily handle my 80%-90% power shots that I sent to him, with a pretty good return (finally not a pusher...). But then when I did somewhere in the 50%-60%, since he put more pressure, the balls flew out (hence how I won...)..

    So the question is for the second part, if you are fully prepared for the swing, is it easier if the opponent hits a hard shot at you or a weak slow paced one?.

    Also one more thing... I've been having this whole mentality issue where I think in the first set about how the beat my opponent, but in the end it costs me the whole first set and sometimes into the second set because I'm trying hard to find a way to beat him... Usually its vs a pusher, since I'm more of an aggressive baseliner, and not really liking how I get passed usually. Is there any good way to overcome this issue?

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