How do you organize your tennis bag?


Hi all. So I have a racquet bag from Yonex (BAG7629EX) that I really like. It looks like your standard 9-pack bag with 3 main compartments.

The bag is designed to be carried vertically, which I do. However, the problem comes when everything in the bag sinks to the bottom when the bag is vertical. Everything then just kinda becomes mixed with one another, making it harder to find and retrieve things out of the bag, especially smaller items. I spend a lot of time with my hand in the bag, digging and rummaging around for stuff.

What's a good solution for this? Has anyone tried using bag organizers/dividers? Is there a DIY method of adding non-permament compartments to the bag?


I use readily available empty ball containers
1 for bugspray/sunblock
1 for headbands/wristbands
1 for dampeners/lead/tape and loose items
These sound like good ideas, but I have a question. What's preventing the individual bags from shuffling around inside the tennis bag when it's moving?
I don't usually worry about it, but you could glue some velcro strips into the bag and onto the plastic bags.