How do you scout/evaluate an opponent

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    From a player perspective for future matches and with benefit of video taping: How do you scout/evaluate an opponent, especially when there're no easy/obvious (no/weak backhand, weak 2nd serve, etc) flaw to see, since these players are USTA 4.5 - low 5 level?

    During live match: from a coaching perspective, what do you look for to suggest (coaching is allowed) to your players during a match?

    Many thanks!
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  2. HunterST

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    Record how the player wins and loses points. Does he win points by being consistent and letting his opponent make an error? Does he come to the net often? Figure out how he wins points and then try to adjust so that he can't do that.

    Equally important is how he loses points. Does he have trouble moving in on his backhand side? Is he a little uncomfortable with hitting a forehand while on the run? Once you know, you have to make a strategy that puts him in those situations as often as possible.

    Just for the record, this requires watching the player pretty carefully for quite a while. It's a luxury you wont usually have going into a USTA match, so you usually end up finding these things out as the match goes on.
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    You can also use subtle distraction tactics.
    For example, if you notice the guy has a Star Wars sticker on his Wilson bag,
    when you guys are playing in the next round, at a crucial point, have
    one of your friends walk by in a Wookie costume.
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    guys, listen to froggie..... the guy is a strategic genius.... epic stuff he came up with in mapping the game plan for me and arche3
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    If you can't find obvious weaknesses you can exploit, then map shot tendencies that will allow you a leg up on anticipating shots during the game and build your movement and ball movement on that info. Sometimes this knowledge allows you to capitalize on your strengths rather than their weaknesses.

    Think about where you would love to hit your favorite shot and how you can get your opponent to comply based on his shot tendencies = offensive point construction.

    You can also reverse engineer this for a defensive game plan.

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    But what if he's a rings fan???:confused:
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    I have my assistant order a background check on my opponent, figure out a way for me to get leverage on him. Before the match, I have my consigliari make him an offer he can't refuse.

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