how do you think marin cilic 's 14 USO win and him ?



i do think little underrated player
not often talk about this site
his won in 14 USO was the total impactful i remember
i never seen roger federer lost hard court slam so badly like that
score line was ( 6-3 6-4 6-4 ) for marin cilic 's won
and his 14 USO QF , SF , final perpomance was any better than that
and reached two slam final

his 17 wimbledon run and 18 AO run was also great

Especially his 18 AO RUN

so how do you think ?


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I don't know who beats this Cilic.
Yep. People undermine this slam run because, well, it's Cilic of all people.

However there's something called taking the racquet out of your opponents hand and not allowing them to play at all.

This Cilic was serving and hitting bombs. Even on return he was bludgeoning it.

You can't beat someone playing like that having the week of his life.

No matter your defense or your own firepower.

How do you play this man is beyond me.
Cilic's US Summer that year was just weird. I noticed in Canada his movement looked noticeably better than at any point previously... Or since. He ended up narrowly losing in that one but that speed extended into that infamous US Open run.

Red Rick

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Sometimes good players have godly runs. It's probably the most similar to Krajicek's Wimbledon win I guess in that regard. Didn't help Federer and Djokovic that they managed to not peak


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Cilic '14 USO. It was extraordinary. Even if Novak made the final, he probably couldn't do anything about it. Most similar to, but far less dramatic than, del Potro '09 USO; and similar to some guy named Wawrinka's runs.


He put it all together Off both wings. Mentally too. Those massive robot groundstrokes off both wings. Big serve. Just a really really nice big game tennis.


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The reality is that Cilic had a first-serve percentage of 56% in this match. A player whose serve is so vital to his game should never beat Federer in straights sets.

Roger psyched himself out before the match started.