How does Djokovic's Wimbledon defence go?

Curious what people think of how Djokovic will perform this year at Wimbledon.

His RG didn't go to plan, with the whole holding the 4 slams for a 2nd time on the line, and his form in general hasn't been his best since AO.
Will his motivation be up or down after that?

He obviously should be the favourite on grass in his best form, but will there be a shock on the cards?
He’ll mount a very solid defence of his title. I would say he’s favourite but there are a few others who have a shot. I think Fed at his best and feeling confident can beat him there.
If Djokovic is not at his best, then several players can beat him. But i’d imagine he’ll be somewhere near his best, no reason not to be, he’s fresh.
I am not dismissing Rafa's victory, I think it is absolutely incredible, but it was expected and will be expected next year. It was his 12th RG...

If Djoker wins Wimbledon, it will be bigger, as it will be his 5th Wimbledon (more prestigious than RG) and is less expected then Rafa's RG. He will essentially seal up number one for a long time (probably sealing the deal on passing Fed in weeks). He also will have narrowed the slam race to 4 which is the closest he has been to Fed, and Djoker getting closer to Fed is more scary than Rafa's resume.

Then you have the fact that 3 out of 4 times Djoker has won Wimbledon, he has gone on to win USO. This means he has a very good chance of defending that as well. The actual act, I agree, is about the same, but what it means going forward will mean more in MY opinion.

But we get it, you will defend Rafa everytime.
I think it is actually expected of him to win Wimbledon. He is the current winner, he is playing great tennis, ranked #1 and in form... No matter how many WB Djokovic has, I'd be pretty surprised if he doesn't win. Indeed, Nadal was obviously the favorite in RG, most of the times he is actually. However, right now the favorite one is clearly Djokovic, not Federer nor Nadal nor any other.