how does HM200G hold against Head Classic Tour MP?

well how do they hold up,
because im debating between them
im 16
i consider myself a 3.5,
but my coach says a steady 4.0
i can probably hit with a 95 sq inch head, but the Classic tour would add some ease for groundstrokes and serve
and my forte is my volleys

any suggestions?
Both are good frames, so you can't go wrong with either. The classic has a little more plush feel, more pop, more spin, and a little bigger sweetspot. The 200g is a little more manueverable, and probably would suit a flat ball hitter a little better. If you were going more serve and volley, I'd probably go with the dunlop, if you're more of a baseliner or all-courter, the head is hard to beat. That 102 head size on the classic is really forgiving and yummy feeling.


HM200G is my present choice of racquet since I play mostly doubles. High quality passing shot due to its excellent control. You may attack from everywhere in the court once your preparation is early.
If I need a new racquet for baseline, I will take FP Radical Tour.