How far will Nadal go at Wimbledon?

How far will Nadal go at Wimbledon?

  • First round exit

    Votes: 7 36.8%
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    Votes: 4 21.1%
  • Third round exit

    Votes: 8 42.1%

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With zero pressure on him after the last 3 years, and with the right draw (no big servers/big hitters in the first week), he could go far.

He already improved last year from the 2012-2013 debacles , he will better it this year.


with the right draw (no big servers/big hitters in the first week), he could go far.
So if it's not rigged, no hope? Yep, that's pretty much my analysis too.

Everybody is going to be gunning for him. Everybody. They know the grass is fastest during the first week, and his blood's already in the water. Anyone who plays Nads will walk into their match knowing an upset's there for the taking.

R1-R3 sounds about right.



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Nadal is at no 10 atm!

I kept saying pink is his fail color and even
though all in blue this time his nike logos
were in pink to keep the streak going.


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Very draw dependent. Could go fairly far if he has a good draw. Meeting a big hitting top 10 player in the 4R would be too much for him I feel.


Indeed, the draw will be a huge factor, the other main factor will be whether he manages to survive the first couple of rounds (which of course may well be dependent on the draw ;) ).

If he does, I can still see him get far during the second week. :)


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if it goes like the latest wimbledons, not past the first round, nadal will have to change the way he plays at the wimbledon quite significantly or else...
He won't have to change anything since I doubt he'll even be playing there again.
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Depends on the draw. I look forward to seeing how he's going to do at Queens next week.

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Who's his doubles partner?

So will the AELTA tell him to pound sand if he asks that Carlos not be in the chair for any of his matches?