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Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by Dunlopkid, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Dunlopkid

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    I'm probably going to this very small college. It seems like it has a decent tennis team, but I just don't. Obviously, they have a real good record year in and year out, but for all I know they could be playing extremely weak D3 teams filled with 2.5's.;) It looks like the only nationally ranked team they play is Carnegie Mellon. Anyways, since it's small, you guys probably haven't heard of it, but can you at least take a look and guess at what level/NTRP most of the guys are. Thanks.
  2. Gee Willikers Batman!

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    Jul 16, 2007
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    No video?

  3. Dunlopkid

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    No, I was just hoping that maybe somebody happened to know the relative strength of the region or one of the other teams played etc...A long shot I know, but I just want to play fairly competitive college tennis. I think I'm a very strong 4.0 to weak 4.5. But I'm only at the beginning of my junior year, so I've got two years to improve. I don't want to go and be number one my freshman year is what I'm saying...with no one on the team to push me.
  4. krz

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    There are some crappy DIII teams that can't even fill a roster. A 4.5 would probably easily make most teams.
  5. Dunlopkid

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    Sorry I didn't make it very clear. I'm actually more afraid of being the best player on a crappy team. It looks like this team is decent. But I was just wondering if anyone knows the average strength of the region. There record only says so much when you don't know how good the opposing teams are. They routinely thump Juniata, Frostburg State, Waynesburg, Penn State Behrend, Bethany, Thomas More, Malone, Oberlin, St. Vincent, West Liberty State and several others. They lose to Mt. Union (very close always) and Carnegie Mellon. All small colleges, but was just hoping someone on hear lived around there or attended one of those.
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  6. Dunlopkid

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    My (hopeful) guess is that the top singles guys are strong 4.5's seeing as they almost never lose. (Maybe weak 5.0) The lower guys probably strong 4.0s.
  7. wmrhawk

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    don't know about their tennis team, but i think it is one of the best colleges in the country. i didn't go there myself, but i've learned about it over the years as a top notch school (especially for economics).
  8. Tarqs

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    Oct 21, 2006
    the results look to be good, but you could be right about their opposition being bad. Some of the wins are close as well.
  9. raiden031

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    Aug 31, 2006
    If college tennis is important to you, then you really should contact their coach and talk to him before enrolling at the school. I'm sure he can give you a better idea of their level of play than anyone on this board.
  10. Bronc10is

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    Jun 4, 2007
    I know one of the kids on the team, he played at a high school close to me, he played 4 singles and 3 doubles in the results I see on that page you posted. He was a quick kid but had no weapons. I'd say hes a 3.5 maybe.
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  11. Dunlopkid

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    I have contacted the coach actually. But was unsure of how really to how ask (politely) how good the players are. Any suggestions on that? Don't want to seem stand offish.

    Thanks, Broncis...appreciate the info.
  12. Vision84

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    Mar 27, 2007
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    Check them out here and also look at the results of the teams they play against. I noticed that they haven't played any ranked teams last season and a number of teams they play don't look very strong at all. A little research always helps.
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  13. Dunlopkid

    Dunlopkid Guest

    Thanks, Vision. I actually had looked at this site, but started this thread primarily due to the fact that it didn't show me anything I didn't already know/had deduced. They were scheduled to play one ranked team--Carnegie Mellon. However, it was postponed. They have, however, played them in the past, and you can view their results by looking at the previous seasons in the link I supplied.
  14. Dunlopkid

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  15. Supernatural_Serve

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    Jul 10, 2006
    I played a guy from St. Vincent's tennis team last year (a freshman). He was a solid 4.0. He was the star on an average small-medium sized high school tennis team in eastern Pa.

    No huge serves or returns or spins. Simply solid 4.0 tennis in all dimensions with excellent foot speed. I would imagine you will run into mostly 4.0-4.5 players at those schools.

    As for the coach and asking about his players: Ask him if they play USTA tennis and at what levels are they playing at. That wouldn't be offensive.
  16. burosky

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    Nov 9, 2006
    How about asking the coaches from the other teams they play? You can then ask anything without offending the coach of the team you are asking about.
  17. JRProstaf9

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    I think you have to ask yourself do I really want to go to this school just b/c of tennis or do I want to go to this school b/c i like it there for the education/experience and tennis is just a bonus?
    Thats pretty much what you gotta ask b/c if your looking strictly for tennis then there are a ton of other D3 schools that have solid programs that can even rival some D1 schools. vice versa... there are some D1 schools with not as much depth in the recruiting pool and will gladly take a willing 4.0/4.5 player... really just depends on what your focus is...
  18. dherring

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    Sep 22, 2007
    your saying that your ambition for tennis in the next 2 years is to suck enough so you don't stand out?
  19. Dunlopkid

    Dunlopkid Guest

    No, I was just wondering if, because I wish to play tennis in college, should play there. BTW I played one of their freshman this past fall. He was 4.5
  20. Fedace

    Fedace Banned

    Dec 10, 2006
    San Diego, CA
    No video so not sure what level these guys are but 2 of the guys in the photo have some interesting choice of rackets. they are using the OLD Head Ti-S6 oversize looks like. This is a very high power frame, not sure how they control it ?? Upper level 4.5 will make the team for sure. I know for a fact that many Division 3 schools have good 5.0 guys in them and some have 5.5 level guys too. I know cause i hit with them. but it is still not close to guys that play division 1 tennis. It has to do with pace, spin and placement of shots and speed of the players as well.
  21. Dunlopkid

    Dunlopkid Guest

    I talked with the coach. Those two with the recreational racquets aren't on the team. The picture was taken before they really had try-outs or something.
  22. 35ft6

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    Feb 18, 2005
    I know of Carnegie Mellon. Their top guy a few years ago was a weak 6.0, number 1 in the country D-3 for a while, and their team is solid. But this team just got thumped by them. I would guess their top guy is 5.0 to 5.5, but at the bottom of the lineup, they're 4.0's give or take. At least during this season it looks like the top 2 guys were significantly better than rest of the team. A 4.5 would probably be a lock to make this squad.
  23. Dunlopkid

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    Thanks 35ft6.

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