How good Nadal played in French Open and Wimbledon 2010?


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Specially compared with his level in French Open and Wimbledon in 2008. Did he look unbeatable?


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Ok. I was going to ask only about Wimbledon; but better ask about both tournaments. I didn´t follow all his matches in Wimbledon. Then in the French Open, I think he didn´t played as well as in other years; I thought Soderling would have beat him; but Nadal won without losing sets during all the tournament.


He was very good at that French Open.
I recall that his FO draw was too easy and he only had to show up. The field in general was weak, hardly anyone putting up a resistance on clay.

At Wimby, he came from the brink against Haase and Petzschner in 5 setters (the Petz match was controversial as it was MTO ridden). It was hard fought compared to his FO and USO wins that year .


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I wonder If Del Potro would have beated Nadal in the French Open or Wimbledon, if Juan was not injured.


No, he wasn't. He'd get smashed by last couple of years djokovic at W. Federer would have a great chance aswell.
What last couple of years are you talking about? We're discussing 2010. Fed/Nole couldn't beat Berdych, let alone Rafa that year.