How good was the KPS 88?

Then there are the people, like myself, who use the 90 because of nobody. I was using the PS 6.0 95 at the time when I tried the 90. I found that the smaller head and higher swingweight gave me more stability and plow-through while improving accuracy, and still maintained all the positive attributes of the 95, such as that sweet graphite/kevlar box beam feel and control.
Oh yeah, well I mean I was just trying to point out (to the idiot) the fact that there was tennis and Pro Staffs before Federer was ever near a camera. But yes, most people who are using Pro Staffs because of... Pro Staffs.


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Dusted my PS88's off and with 19g strings it makes them more headlight and easier to far playing some great tennis even at 374 grams and 7.5pt HL balance.
I'd thought I'd bump this most recent past thread on the KPS88, as I recently got it. I was also relieved that I didn't get one of the chinese made fakes per the older threads about what to check for to spot the fake kps88's.
I also found the old "review" feedback on the kps88 archived which is fun to read. Here are links to the comments in .jpg screenshots:
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I still have mine. I enjoyed it using my old school straight back, loopless forehand. Since I’ve developed a more modern stroke, I wonder if I can still hit with it?