How hard to Grip


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I believe I am gripping my racquet too hard, mostly by going to the doctor today and finding out I have some mild tendinitis in my thumb. I had this same problem ice climbing where I would grip the tools too hard and my hands would start hurting and cramping.

I know it's not an issue of grip strength, but an issue of loosening my grip so I don't have to deal with this anymore.

I use a 4 1/2 grip with leather and a babolat pro team overgrip. I know changing the grip smaller probably wouldn't help as I would need to grip even more to not let the racquet go flying, but would increasing the grip size help?


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You have big hands there.

People usually don't get a larger grip size, and either go with one size lower, or what they should have based on grip measuring techniques.

Put a small indention between your middle and index finger. See if this lightens your grip. When I was a kid and thought nothing but swinging really hard, my coach had me do that and it lessened my grip and I got more balls in deep.


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Have you tried taping your ring and pinky finger on your hitting hand to constrain their contribution to gripping the frame tightly? I've found that this can help psychologically as well in that there is something physically interrupting your normal behavior forcing you to acknowledge it's presence. Try and tape them in a way that restricts the top joint from bending inward to enhance grip strength.


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I will try taping and putting the indentation. I was actually going to tape my thumb since I got a blister there the other day, first blister I ever got. Probably need to change the grip though it was getting pretty brownish



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Try a TE compression band (like the one pictured above). It can be a great feedback tool. Adjust it so that it is fairly snug (but not too tight). If you grip too tightly when you are not swinging the racket, you'll feel extra pressure which should be a good reminder to relax your grip. Hopefully, this will get you to just let it tighten up naturally on the forward swing (upward swing for serves). Once you've executed your follow-thru, the snug band should remind you to relax the grip again.


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You might also try consciously keeping your fingers off the handle until the forward swing on the groundies and try to squeeze only as you make contact on volleys.