How Japan got Davis Cup finals in 1921?

Q&M son

Checking the stats for Davis Cup, I just saw that japan played the final in 21 vs USA. How does it happens? Somebody know the players???


I think Japan had Jiro Satoh who would later commit suicide cuz he couldnt handle the pressure of being Japan's #1


Shimizu was a most interesting player, a little guy with a straw hat, and a backhand, which had so much western grip, that he played it with the same side as the forehand. He made Tilden really work, and also had leads against Tilden at Wimbledon 1920. I think, later Satoh committed suicide by jumping from a ship into the ocean.


In recent times Alberto Berasategui, who also had the extreme western forehand, used the same side of the racket for forehand and backhand. I see it sometimes at the public park but Berasategui is the only pro I ever saw do it.