How long can you speak without unnecessarily saying "like"?

How long

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I'm not a native English speaker so I manage rather fine. My written and verbal tick in English (and just in English ironically) is using the word "well" before starting a sentence. I often have to reread and erase that word from my sentences too often.

Gary Duane

I don't, like, have a big problem, you know, with --- uh --- ah---um---fillers, I mean you have to fill spaces, I mean, uh, you just can't keep - uh - talking - um, ah - without, you know, filling in space because - uh, ah, um - if you stop talking, you know, someone else gets to talk, and, and I-I-I-I don't want anyone else to get the floor, because, like, I'm more important than everyone else.

Like, it's important to keep going... :D