How long do your tennis balls


How many hours, or hitting sessions do you hit your tennis balls before you toss them into the hopper?


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I mostly used Dunlop Championship balls (all court and has mc enroe photo on it) because i got it from local sports authority store next to my apartment and I thought they lasted longer than wilson and penn. I got 6-pack (6x3=18balls) for $10 + salestax. I do not have rating (just started playing tennis since 3 months and picked-up the game real fast to beat a 3.5 guy in a very short period) but I now play aganist a good 3.5 guy who uses lot of top-spin. They last for one set (around 45 mins) but i use these for next couple of days as warm-up balls. I usually hit the rally as a warm-up for 20 to 30 mins and start a set with only new balls (3 balls). I should say they last for 2 hours or 2 sets before I throw it in my old ball collection basket. I heard good reviews about Dunlop grand prix extra duty for hard court balls, may be I will buy them from TW next week and see how durable are they and will post the feedback.


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Dunlop Championships Balls - lasts about 2 hours.

Penn Championship Balls - lasts about 2 minutes.

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I play on hardcourts at altitude and use Dunlop, Penn, and Wilson high altitude balls weekly. For match play, none last more than a couple of hours. However, I have noticed:

Penn--dead and bald in around 1 hour

Wilson--bald at the end of the match, but still have a little bounce left

Dunlop--noticably firmer after two hours with more material left on the ball (although these balls are notably heavier out of the can)

Penns go into the garbage after one session. Wilsons go into the ball hopper for serve practice. Dunlops are used for warmups the next day.


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I lay out 9 balls and just play sets, rallies, w/e. I use those 9 balls for a month untill i lose em. Penn and weak hits :)