How long to switch?

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by drummerboy, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. drummerboy

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    Apr 10, 2004

    I am thinking about switching from a 2-hander to 1 handed backhan which I played before. I started to play 1 hander and I can get much more power but still I do a lot of errors on this side. My balls tend to sail. It feels that my whole game has changed. I played with the guy who I beat before with my ****ty 2 hander and I hit some good 1 handers but still he beat me. So I think I must be prepared to loose some matches to make a switch, right? How long will it take to get a decent 1 hander and is it worth changing it? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. VJH

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    Feb 19, 2004
    Just to put my remarks in context, I play at a 5.0 level. Last April, I switched from a 2 hander to a one hander. I worked exclusively on the 1 hander for a solid year. While I became very proficient with it during practice sessions, it never really held up under match pressure. Specifically, my return of serve was no where near as effective with one hand as compared to 2.

    I also found that my one hander could be attacked with a slice to that side followed by my opponent coming to net.

    Rally balls down the middle or crosscourt backhand rally, the one hander was terrific. Put a little pressure to make me return a big serve or come up with some creative angled passing shots and I was out of luck.

    I haven't abandoned the one hander all together. I still use it when I am playing folks that arent at my level or when I am warming up. I actually enjoy hitting with one hand more than 2, I just can't compete at my level with the one hander.

    On the positive side, my slice has definitely improved in the past year. I also found that I have been striking my 2 hander better than ever since returning to it.

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