How Low Do You Bring Your Racket Down?

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by lordmanji, Feb 13, 2009.

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    was playing the other day and the tennis instructor said i should bring my racket lower on takeback so that its under the ball. i hadnt realized i was doing it but now that i think about it i always did have a easier time with waist-high and above balls and even on those sometimes ill hit it flat despite my semi-western grip.

    anyone else had this problem? obviously i should bring my racket lower but right now its been feeling unnatural. whatd u guys end up doing?
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    Talking SW grip forehands, right? And only topspin drives, right?
    That's why I mostly ignore coach's and experts!
    Some top pros do a loopy takeback with the racket face AND grip well above the eventual strike zone.
    Some top pros do a straight back closed face takeback with the hand well below the eventual strike zone.
    Your choice, your style.
    Of course, for a topspin shot, somewhere before the actual strike zone, the racket HEAD has to be below the ball.
    Once again... your choice how you want to prepare. Just turn shoulders early, try to get the feet moving, watch the ball, and stroke thru with your long stroke. What happens happens during your backswing and prep. Everyone is different.

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