How many gland slams Federer will win in 2005 ?


It would be insane to vote zero looking at the type of dominance Federer
is having, but I did.

Is there anyway to bet actual money on this ?


2, he will win french and wimby but will lose US to nadal or roddick or hewitt. Many say hewitt wont beat him but he has to beat him sooner or later



He'll win Wimbledon but lose at the French in the semis and at the US Open to Roddick on a lightning fast centre court that puts Hewitt out in the second round and has Safin so worked up he runs out of racquets and starts smashing his opponents frames. LOL.

Actually, Im only half joking about the lightning fast US Open courts. Wouldnt be surprised at all if they turned up the juice to suit Roddick. Who knows, if they did we might get to see some serve-volley tennis for a change.
LOL nice equinox. I want him to win the rest of the three grandslams that is left over. I believe he can win all the slames that is left over. JUST BELIEVE


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I want him to win the rest of them. I'm just impressed no one has chimed in with "he has already lost the grand slam for this year"


wimby and the uso...... I don't think roddick is a slam factor any more, it's a shame he parted with gilbert..... regarding the court.... it's always the indian, not the arrow... in davis cup they made the court super slow for whatever reason, and still lost to the croates.
He will win Wimbledon for sure. He might or might not win the French, and he might or might not win the U.S. It could anywhere from 1 to 3. I will take the medium and guess 2. Roddick will not win a grand slam this year though.
Well he definitely wont this year since it is officially impossable now, since he lost in the AO semis. It will be very tough to ever do it though. Given that Sampras went his career with no more than two in one year, I think Roger has already done very well to get three in one year, and it is a phenomenal accomplishment in todays game.


I would love to know where you people get the idea that Federer will win Roland Garros.


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Thanks, Kevin for the link....
how can you say that roddick or hewitt are the ones to beat Federer in grand slams???
Roger has proved on these last 2 years that neither andy nor lleyton are rivals for him on any surface.he´s so in other level than these two guys...
I´m sure the only ones that can take a slam from him are Safin and nadal ; or Coria or Gaudio in clay.