How many mains and crosses have you broken in one shot?

Recently I broke 2 crosses in one shot (eagnas perfect spin 16g)in my Redondo min which was pretty special for me since I'm not a string breaker.
My friend and hitting partner managed to break 3 mains (babolat hurricane 17g) in the middle of his K90.

It just got me wondering how many strings you guys managed to break in one shot. I remember reading that a poster's friend broke 6 or something but don't know exactly who. And if you could mention the type of string that would be cool too.


the longer the strings last the more are to break in one shot since it slmost shocks string, and since they are weak they break. not very rare seen it happen and seen people break 3 at a time.


Pro Hurricane 18 mains and Tonic + 16 crosses hybrid I broke 1 main in the sweet spot an 3 crosses broke, 2 at the sweet spot and one at the grommet.


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Best i've done was 5 mains across, 0 crosses.

I had one where three mains broke near the top of the frame, so they split, and it looked like six mains broke. THAT one was crazy.

(For reference, it was a prince michael chang original graphite... 14x18 in a 95 si head)


I've broken a main and a cross at once. I used NXT tour. The strings broke in the sweetspot; the strings were fraying like crazy before i broke the strings.


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I was hitting with my regular partner who used a Head Liquidmetal Radical Midplus which has an 18X20 pattern. I hit very hard and on a forehand he broke his 18 gauge strings in four places on the mains. That was impressive!


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Once, I hit the ball so hard... The strings caught on fire and incinerated itself right on my racquet. Needless to say, many mains and crosses broke.


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I've broken 6 mains when I was using FXP power 17, but usually only break like 2-3 mains. Haven't broken any crosses before.


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The best I've done is 4 mains/0 crosses right at the top of the head. I was going for a hard flat serve down the T.

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I posted a personal best last winter playing a Volkl C-10 with well used 17 ga syn gut. Took a haymaker of a swing at a return of serve right in my fh strike zone and blew out seven mains. Even though the ball sprayed off into orbit, I just had to stand there for a few seconds and enjoy the moment.


i'm thinking people who broke 6 mains only broke at 3 spots. I have broken 3 mains before. only broken the crosses once and one break. I'm thinking those O ports you won't get any tension after the string breaks.


Never more than one cross only when using Multi filament strings.
Mains 4 once 18g in a Bard Jade Fire mid.