How many of you stencil your strings?

DO you stencil or not?

  • Yes i stencil

    Votes: 85 37.4%
  • No i do not

    Votes: 142 62.6%

  • Total voters
I'm not a fan of stencils. I have some customers who are sponsored, so I have to stencil their strings and I just don't like the look. To each their own, though.


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Sometimes, but then I don't string my own so sometimes the guy I use does, sometimes he doesn't. Don't really care so have never asked
I think he just gets bored or maybe he's paid to


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I used to stencil but not anymore because them strings look better without the ink and sometimes if the ink is not of good quality it stains the balls and partially comes off.


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i put 2 head stencils on my racquet. one is the normal sized ones and the other is a minature one which gasquet n monfils use


Amen to that lol. Like a wilson rep will suddenly show up and go, "Ohh my God you have no stencil." most don't even know where you practice. But I do stencil for matches.
haha exactly, but i do them for big tournaments, just in case or something. but only like 1 racquet


I don't. That way I can tell who never restrung their racket and still has the stock strings, who is sponsored, or who just stencils because they like to.


you had beter be "ripped,buffed and diesel" on the court if you are doing that. most guys look like total POSERS who do it.
LOL exactly. I feel the same about dudes who wear the latest overpriced **** from Nike, Adidas etc.


I should really stencil my racket, becuase I have a deal with prince, but I really don't very often, but still sometimes I do.


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smiley face

what was the dude's name on the atp tour a few years back who did up the smiley face stencil...I seem to recall him playing yonex 90's?

that was cool
I always made it a point NOT to stencil my strings. I'm not giving anyone extra free advertising (on top of having their logo all over the frame).

However, now I'm sponsored I'm delighted to do whatever I can for my sponsor (Vantage).

Does anyone know if the Wilson stencil ink is really any better than any other at staying on Luxilon strings?


I have a sponsorship with Pro Supex and they are sending me a stencil with my next pack of strings, and they asked if I could stencil before the southern qualifier then at the southern closed tournament/nationals.


I used to stencil my frames in high school...i think kids do it more (sponsorship aside), but I wouldn't bother now at my age. Plus I don't like how it rubs off on the balls.


I've stenciled myself a couple of times. AG, usually.
But since my tennis shop started to stencil their stringjobs, I haven't done it anymore.


You posers should put a Nike swoosh or a Honda or Toyota logo on there.

I would consider stenciling
1) a vintage brand like Donnay;
2) a chili pepper, yin-yang symbol, or other conceptual symbol

Some peoples' pro shops stencil automatically, so you should not hold it against them

I just thought of something. . . people should stencil their NTRP ratings. . . for social ranking purposes


i use stencil. it helps my game dramatically.
hah great comment!:p

erm i do an dont normly technifibre if i do as i string so like to encourage ppl to use teh string i use even if there isnt TF string init i wil sometimes lol

but often i just cnt b botherd it looks worse an if it aint a small one low like TF the ink goes on balls an wears off n looks bad

so i shud vote NO but im gna leave it as id b hipercriticial if i did as sometimes i do


I don't stencil because it gets all over the balls, which I find rather annoying. Also, I use polys, and the ink rubs off after one session. So, I found it annoying to have to reapply the ink after every time I hit.