How many of you use Nalgene bottles?

Do you use a Nalgene?

  • Yeah, I drink out of one

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  • No, I use other water bottles and hydration gear

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A lot of people at the courts I go to typically carry a nalgene with them. I'm one of those. I usually carry my nalgene in a cooler with my Platypus. As a matter of fact, even in my house, i carry my nalgene practically everywhere I go. i drink a ton of water :mrgreen:
Having no idea what a Nalgene bottle is, I just googled it. It looks like a generic plastic bottle.

I use old gatorade bottles to hold my water.

Most common in tennis that I see would be those big 5 litre water coolers. Next popular would probably be the bike water bottle types.


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I do some camping and hiking and have seen these bottles in all outdoors stores, even in Asia-they obviously have great retail distribution. But like Tennis Ball Hitter said, it's a generic plastic bottle. Bottled water is sold in plastic bottles these days, and you can dispose of them when they are empty, or, if you want, re-fill them. So I don't see the point to these things.

This "poll" is as POINTLESS as Nalgene bottles. But so are most of the polls lately (circumcision, etc.), whiich is why I wouldn't mind seeing this function disappear, but that's just me.