how many people were fans of federer before 2004

were you a fan of federer before 2004

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The first match I ever saw was Wimbledon 2004 and I was really young so I had no idea he was dominant and I only started liking him because he was the first player I ever saw so I don't know which category that fits in


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I became a fan of Fed after Wimby 03, so yeah, I liked watching him play before he started dominating.


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I dont remember when I became a Fed fan. But I am guessing it was when he beat Pete I started liking him. When he won Wimbledon 2003 may be around that time/


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I'm making this thread simply to see how many people like federer before he started to really dominate the sport. I would have chose the year 2003, but 1 slam isn't exactly dominating is it.

If you were a fan of Federer before 2004 - it is probably down to the fact he was quite successful in 2003, or you actually liked his game before he dominated (meaning you are a true fan and stuck with federer from the beginning)

however, if you were a fan of federer at 2004 - present, i can only assume you like him for his dominace, and you just want to support the winner and take the easy option (meaninig you are not a true fan)
Logically wouldn't that mean they no longer support him due to the fact he no longer dominates the field?

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saw him play ferrero at the usopen for the first time...was not really in awe.

then i saw him beat sampras...and thought here's the next #1.

then saw he got edged out by haas at the AO in a great match...saw demoilish kafelnikov and safin on clay.

after he won the masters cup and the australian open in 03/04...i thought he's got potentially 20 slams in him.
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I became a fan of Federer very early in his career.. He always used to play Rotterdam, a tournament that I usually visit. I think I saw Federer play (live) for the first time in 2000, maybe 2001 (I knew his name before that). When I saw him play, his motions were so, well... beautiful would be the right word and his tennis was also beautiful. I instantly was a fan of his game.

A thing that he used to do a lot then, was hitting drive forehand volleys. But not just regular, he would take them very high. He always seemed to climb this invisible stairway before hitting them. That was awesome.

Anyway, I was a fan very early.


I used to be a ballboy and the first match I ballboyed was Federer Vs. Prinosil in the sydney olympics. I thought he was amazing from that first match.... he hit some incredible passing shots. I ended up doing all his matches in that tournament right through to the bronze medal playoff and he came to the sydney tournament for the next few years so i saw him play alot before 2004. Always been a fan of his.