How many stringjobs until new grommets?


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My favored ProStaff racket is now discontinued, I bought a few extra while I could still find them new (9).

Looking to stock up on bumper guards/grommets while I can still find some, trying to figure out how many sets to order so I can hopefully play with this (arm-friendly) racket for the next 10-20 years.

How many stringjobs is typical before needing new grommets on a racket? (assuming I don't wear out the bumper guard first)

Really depends … my Volkl PB10Mid grommets seemed to break a lot so I had to put new ones in, but my RF97A grommets haven't broken at all (That I know of) and I'm not sure that I'll ever have to replace the grommets before I retire the stick. I try to get 2 racquets and replace them about every 2yrs keeping my last replaced ones as backups incase of emergency (or temper tantrum)

How long have you had your current racquets and have any of your current grommets broken or need replacement as of yet?


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have any of your current grommets broken or need replacement as of yet?
No problems/replacements yet, but some of the holes are looking pretty gnarly! I'm using nat gut on it, so want to be sure the grommets are protective...

I was thinking of doing something like you - 2 new sticks and replace every couple of years, but I decided instead to play and rotate through the entire stock of them at the same time, so that they all play similarly throughout their lifetime (i.e. they all lose stiffness at the same slow rate, versus playing with a couple for 2 years and then abruptly switching back to brand new (stiffer) ones).

Hopefully 9 rackets will get me 15-20 years, as my temper tantrum days are behind me (but definitely smashed a couple when younger :)
I have frames that are 20 years old still on their original grommets. Sunlight causes plastic to become brittle. You need to combat this by cleaning your frames regualrly with ArmourAll or furniture polish. A few drops on a paper towel is all that is needed. Wipe down both the outside and inside of the hoop to make sure the grommet tubes are also cleaned. You can see the difference. Grommets turn from scruffy gray back to a dark gray or black. The only grommets that need to be changed out are the tie off holes. And with FITTEX, that is easy to do. If you can manage not to scrape the bumper guard too much, that will last forever too. Use protection tape before it is too late. If you have patches of graphite, use epoxy; dry and sand. Then paint with a clear nail polish.
I've got some C10s that are about 15-20 years old. They are still tip top, the grommets are fine. OTOH, I've had a couple of Wilson 6.1s go down PDQ and needed replacing. I agree with @esgee48 it all depends. If you plan on keeping your rackets past production, it's pretty cheap to pick up a couple of sets of grommets. The Wilson 6.1s disappeared pretty quickly.


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OK, thanks for the input guys, I'll pick up a few extra sets of grommets just in case, while I can still get my hands on them.

Will also get some protection tape to protect the head long-term (I'm a frame scratcher with volleys and low slices).