How Many Teams Have You Been On, And Why Did You Leave?

Discussion in 'Adult League & Tournament Talk' started by Cindysphinx, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Cindysphinx

    Cindysphinx G.O.A.T.

    Aug 31, 2006
    The other thread about unhappiness with captains and teams got me wondering how common it is for players to leave teams. Also, I wonder who around here has been with one team the longest. It sure isn't me! :)

    My history:

    1. Captained a 2.5 team for one season.

    2. Moved to 3.0, decided not to captain and joined a new team. Left after one season because team had many very bad players and captain made embarrassing remarks to opposing captains about how their players were too good to play 3.0 just because they could beat us. Also, captain charged players $10 to attend team practice at which he provided group coaching.

    3. Joined existing mixed 6.0 team. Quit the team before playing a match when captain circulated vicious e-mail to entire team and league coordinator dressing down a teammate for causing a default.

    4. Captained 5.5 combo team, then moved team to 6.5 combo, then played 3.0. Plan to start up again in the fall.

    5. Joined new 7.0 mixed team. Will join again in the fall.

    6. Joined 3.5 ladies team. Won't be back on account of disorganized captain.

    Yeah, it's been a rocky road, for sure.
  2. ktownva

    ktownva Semi-Pro

    Oct 23, 2005
    Weilerbach, Germany
    I started playing leagues again in '04 after a hiatus of about 5 years. I wasn't sure where to rate myself, so I self rated at 4.0, found a team and played as their #1 singles player. Wound up getting bumped to 4.5 midseason, after four straight set wins. Scores were like 6-1, 6-2, but the guys I beat were supposedly solid 4.0's so the computer booted me.

    Next year played on a 4.5 team as the #1 singles. I did so-so, lost almost as many as won. Our team overall was weak and we finished 2nd from the bottom.

    The team that won our city went all the way to Nationals and finished like 2nd or 3rd. Anyway, the rule is they can't have the same team the next year, so all their guys got scattered, and I wound up on a team with a bunch of them the next year. I had improved over the winter and only lost one match during the regular season as the #2 singles. We made it to districts where we lost a couple of heartbreakers, and didn't make it to sectionals.

    I wasn't asked to play with that team this year, but joined a rival team made up of new guys and we beat my old team to win our city. So this will be second year in a row going to districts for me, but with a completely different team. So that's it, one 4.0 team and 3 different 4.5 teams in the past four years.
  3. kevhen

    kevhen Hall of Fame

    Feb 20, 2004
    Auckland, New Zealand
    Played on 3.5 team that finished 2nd at sectionals. Captain was very big into winning and so was I, only losing once all season in the sectional final, always playing #1 singles.

    Played on 4.0 team. Captain was good guy not as concerned about winning.

    Became 4.0 captain. First year I forgot to tell opposing captains about a couple late defaults but otherwise things went well but we lost alot.

    Played mixed 8.0. Captain was good. I didn't like one partner and played with her twice but did the best I could and lost two very close matches but won with the other 2 partners I played with. Mixed is different that is for sure!

    2nd year as 4.0 captain, we won more as I was able to get some decent players to join the team. I received a number of compliments at the end of the season for being a good captain so that was nice.

    Played on 4.5 team. Captain would not make lineups out until the day before and even bumped me for a player who had a worse record than me. I won both of my matches and had fun but didn't care too much for the captain but he improved as the season went on since I think it was his first year as captain and he wasn't aware of all the things he needed to communicate for arranging food as hosts, travel, lineups, etc.

    Quitting USTA now for a year since I can play in university leagues for less money and less travel time and can get in more matches per week with quality players.

    I did like being captain as I could choose my partners and could play every meet. There was more work involved and frustration when players would bail at the last minute but was fun to be the center of a team that enjoyed playing tennis win or lose.

    When not the captain, I enjoyed when my captain had confidence in me or gave me some input as to who I would like to play with. I didn't like getting stuck with partners that I couldn't win with but that happens more when you move up and play in a higher level. I didn't enjoy when captains would not get the lineup out until the last minute. I also didn't enjoy 2 hour drives leaving at 7AM for away meets but otherwise the travel can be fun hearing some interesting stories from the teammates.
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  4. JLyon

    JLyon Hall of Fame

    Jan 27, 2007
    1st Year 1998 played on Tom smith Team in Dallas, lost at Sectional Finals
    con't on Team through 2003 (captain changes)
    Joined local league in Denton for FTW through 2006
    Captained 4.5 Team in AR for 2007 after moving Summer 2006, now trying to captain Mixed Team and Combo Teams.
  5. Cindysphinx

    Cindysphinx G.O.A.T.

    Aug 31, 2006

    "Wasn't asked to play?"

    They kicked you to the curb? Man, that's cold!
  6. Topaz

    Topaz Legend

    Jun 18, 2005
    1. Captained my first time out, as nobody else stepped up to do it, and I just wanted to play. It was 3.0 outdoor, and we got spanked hard every time. But I was having a great time just playing.

    2. Last year ended up joining another one of the 3.0 outdoor teams, as co-captain, and we went to districts last year.

    3. Played indoor 3.0 team, kept getting stuck at singles (where I did badly) and got sat out for a month during the season, despite being available for every match. Left that team.

    4. Captained 6.5 combo...we were basically a 3.0 team playing 'up', managed to win a few matches and ended up second to last in league.

    5. This year, still co-captaining the same outdoor 3.0 team, making a second trip to districts.

    6. Played on a different 3.0 indoor team, a very weak team, but gave me the opportunity to play #1 doubles a lot, and have good matches. Probably will be leaving that team as well.

    7. Played 3.5 indoor, had a was a fun, play 'up' team, and I got a lot of matches in since I was available. Unfortunately, a lot of people signed up for this team, and then could never come to matches, so we had a LOT of defaults. If the captain does another team, I'd be on it if she wants me!

    I'll be playing, not captaining, 6.5 combo later this summer, and I think that will be all. I'm starting to feel a bit burned out.
  7. darkblue

    darkblue Semi-Pro

    Jul 26, 2005
    Middle of nowhere, USA
    4 teams.. Left either due to career reasons, or just more fun waiting with the other team.

    * Landsharks in Austin, Tx. The GREATEST team and the captain ever!
    Going to the Sectionals was incredible.
    * Team in Burlington, Vermont. Moved to VT for personal reasons
    * Team in Durham, NC. Left this team after 1 season. No problems, really, but no beer after matches = no fun.
    * Team in Chapel Hill, NC. Just completed my 2nd season. BEER + fun people = Good times.
  8. ktownva

    ktownva Semi-Pro

    Oct 23, 2005
    Weilerbach, Germany
    It's ok, the team that took me beat them for the spot at districts! Revenge is sweet! <=== gloating
  9. CrocodileRock

    CrocodileRock Rookie

    Nov 24, 2006
    Waco, Texas
    I played against the landsharks last year at sectionals, a great group of guys. Unfortunately for them, their #1 and #2 singles couldn't play, and we ended up winning. Otherwise, I think they had us.
  10. raiden031

    raiden031 Legend

    Aug 31, 2006
    Played on a 6.0 winter mix team and I plan to rejoin them in the fall mix.

    Played on a 3.0 spring men's team and I plan to join a few of them on a 6.5 summer combo team, however none of my teammates want to captain a team. I would like to join this group again next year.

    My teams have been mediocre in match wins, but I like how my teammates are all cool, no problems at all. We have had a few upset wins against top teams, but we don't have any team strategy for winning, just giving everyone equal play.
  11. sliceworks76

    sliceworks76 New User

    Jul 16, 2007
    I've been playing USTA since 1999, and had only one exception where I left a team that was not due to a bump up to the next level. Here's the history:

    1. Was rated by a USTA pro at 3.0 (when they did that) in 1999 and played on that team for one year. Was disqualified from sectionals after going 19-3 and bumped to 3.5.

    2. Played on a 3.5 team in 2000 and was bumped to 4.0 at the end of they year after another strong year (one singles loss). No DQ this time at least.

    3. Played on a disorganized 4.0 team in 2001 where the captain traveled all week and had no practice or structure.

    4. Joined a new 4.0 team in 2002 that was much better. Became captain of this team in 2003 when the original captain moved to california and have fielded a team for the past four years.
  12. andfor

    andfor Legend

    Mar 16, 2004
    Been on the same 4.5 team since 1992. Have served as Captain or Co-Captain since 1994. We have been to state/district every year and to sectionals 7 times. Never have done great at sectionals for a number of reasons. Either we just were not that good or key players did not make the trip. Many of the players on our current roster have been with us for 6-8 + years.
  13. Geezer Guy

    Geezer Guy Hall of Fame

    Feb 17, 2005
    Big Canoe, GA
    I've been on a couple of teams that disbanded after the best players got bumped up.

    And, when I got bumped up (mid-season!) I couldn't find a team in the higher level that wanted me (don't blame them really, but it sucks!).

    I've changed teams between seasons a couple of times when it was pretty obvious that most of the guys didn't care about improving.
  14. NoSkillzAndy

    NoSkillzAndy Rookie

    May 10, 2007
    Austin, Texas
    I meant to reply to this topic a long time ago, but since it's been resurrected I'll take the opportunity to throw in my two cents (or more!).

    As far as USTA League goes, I haven't really played very much since I'm more of a tournament player. In 2001 I played for my first team, a 4.5 Men's Summer League in Houston. We had a good season and advanced to the city playoffs where we lost first round. I liked the way the team was organized and I had a good time, but I never rejoined the team because I spent the rest of my summers in Austin going to summer school or working.

    That same summer I also played in an 8.0 Mixed League which I will NEVER do again ;) I was paired up with a 3.0 lady in most of my matches which means I was basically doing all of the work and then some. The mismatch was so extreme it just wasn't fun. The regular season was stressful but I managed to get through most of my matches with a win. Then came the playoffs, and again our team lost first round. I played line 1 with a 3.5 lady (finally someone decent!) but we got hammered by two sandbaggers. I swear the girl was a better player than I was and the guy was WAY better than I was. Do the math there. Super lame. No more mixed leagues for me!

    Then in 2006 I joined a random team in 4.5 Men's League. We did alright as a team but I didn't get enough playing time though so I moved to a different team the next season. This year I played for one of the weaker teams (ok THE weakest team) so I could get some playing time. I did get more playing time but it was very frustrating playing matches that essentially didn't count because my team had already lost the overall match! The team wasn't very well organized and frankly it was embarrasing being associated with a team as bad as that one.

    I've already found a new team to join for the 2008 season and I'm looking forward to playing with them. The captain is a really nice guy and I like the way he runs things. They've got good players and good team unity. It should be a nice change of pace...

    I've also played in the local Austin Tennis League (ATL) on and off for the last four years. It has a Fall and a Spring season. I've been on five different teams including the one I'm on now. The reasons for leaving each team are:

    1st Team: Made a bad first impression in my first match (showed up late and hungover and lost the match) and didn't get too much playing time after that ;)

    2nd Team: Only knew one other person on the team to begin with and didn't get much playing time. I think I still only knew one other person by the end of the season :D

    3rd Team: Team disbanded after playing two seasons with them. The captain didn't want the continued hassle of running a team and no one stepped up to take his place.

    4th Team: This was the same weak team that I was also a part of in USTA League. I left for the same reasons as well. I got pleanty of playing time, but the team was poorly managed, had too many bad players and just wasn't fun to be a part of.

    5th Team: This is the team I recently joined and I'm having a great time so far. I'll continue to play for them next season in both ATL & USTA.

    As a tournament player the main priority for me in a league team is getting lots of matches in, but at the same time there has to be at least a little bit of organization and team spirit to keep things going. I can't stand playing in a long league match when my team has already lost, my teammates have left, and meanwhile my opponent's team is all right there cheering for him after every point :mad:

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