How many weeks will Djokovic stay at No. 1 in his whole career?

How many weeks will Djokovic stay at No. 1 in his whole career?

  • >100

    Votes: 38 31.1%
  • 100-150

    Votes: 33 27.0%
  • 150-200

    Votes: 7 5.7%
  • 200-250

    Votes: 13 10.7%
  • 250+

    Votes: 31 25.4%

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What's the reasoning there?
Nole is in a funk. But his tennis skills remain very strong. If he can get his act together and recover from his injuries he will likely return to high levels again. If he starts winning everyone, including himself, will remember his Ultron days. I’m not saying he will return to his 2015/16 level but then again that was a level of dominance we had never seen before. But I think he will return to play at high levels.

If he starts winning and reaches number 1 it won’t be easy to dislodge him. He just needs to,get that groove back. Can’t wait for 2018


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1. Sampras 286
2. Federer 285
3. Lendl 270
4. Connors 268
5. McEnroe 170
6. Borg 109
7. Nadal 102
8. Agassi 101
9. Hewitt 80
10. Edberg 72
11. Courier 58
12. Kuerten 43
13. Năstase 40
14. Wilander 20
15. Roddick 13
16. Becker 12
17. Safin 9
18. Newcombe 8
= Ferrero 8
20. Muster 6
= Ríos 6
= Kafelnikov 6
23. Moyá 2
24. Rafter 1
= Djokovic 1
Over 9000!


Here and there he will be number one until Alcaraz starts dominate on every slam (semifinal or final minimum) or Novak drop his level (no more than semifinal on each slam). He is still capable to take around 5-6k point from Slams and 3-4 k from other tournaments. I think 450 is the answer.


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Federer until 2010 atleast was very good. This nonsense of him being a crickety old man already at 26, is even more ridiculous than those who say Nadal is fading at 25 (keep in mind as we always reminded by ****s Nadal was an early bloomer, Federer was a super late bloomer which explains away all his defeats until turning 23). Federer from 2008-January 2010 reached the finals of 8 of 9 slams, winning 4 of them. In 2010 he won Australian Open, WTF, Cincinnati Masters, reached 2 other Masters finals, had match points to be in the U.S Open final.

He only faded slightly and the competition had gotten alot stronger than just facing Hewitt, Roddick, mid 30s Agassi, or sometimes Baghdatis, Gonzalez, washed up Philippoussis in virtually every Australian, Wimbledon, and U.S Open final. Instead the two pigeons Hewitt and Roddick were replaced with Nadal and Djokovic, needless to say an enormous upgrade, while the likes of regular top 5 and sometimes top 3 players of the Federer era such as Blake and Ljubicic were replaced by people like Murray and Soderling. This year, and starting last year after Australia, is the first time he truly regressed alot.

Ah, I see we've been having the same discourse at TTW for 10 + years :laughing:


I don think he has the physical prowress of Nadal to overcome the injuries. Nadal is extremely durable physically. Have yet to see if Djokovic is

It's really gonna be crazy if Sampras keeps that record by ONE week

By 2013 he will lose the #1 permanently. His mileage by then will be too much for a player like him. He is not Federer.

I think he'd likely get stymied by some little age curveball

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