How much does a head guard usually weight?

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depending on the racquet it should be easy. I would recomend getting a new set though if you dont want to damage the racquet.
why would you remove the headguard? It's there to protect the frame and keep friction down betweeen the string and frame-your strings will break more easily like morten said.

there's no point in removing the headguard to chip some weight off.


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If you want to shave down weight, then you should shave the bumper guard down. Don't remove the guard completely because you need the grommets to prevent the string from biting into the frame, and also, the damage to your frame will be quite extensive from contac to the court. There's a reason that headguards became quite popular- early rackets without headguards are absolutely dreadful to look at after a while due to the obscene number of paint chips, scratches, etc.