How much french open did you watch this year?

How much did you watch

  • More than an hour

    Votes: 18 85.7%
  • Less than an hour

    Votes: 3 14.3%

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I watched around 15 mins. The tournament is the epitome of why tennis so boring today. Same point played over and over for a few hours

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You should've watched the women's final. Ostapenko blasting away Halep under a hailstorm of winners was the most entertaining tennis since the AO.


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The only complete match I watched was the Ostapenko-Halep Women's final. During the rest of the fortnight I only watched the last of the day's play after getting home from work. I did follow the live scoring daily on my mobile.


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Saw parts of a lot of matches and the only match I watched from the 1st to the last ball was actually the match of the tournament (Wawrinka-Murray) so I didn't miss a lot. It was a decent tournament I have to say even despite the obvious outcome which I saw 27 thousand times before.


Much more than you suggest in your poll. Watched live one of QFs,one WTA SF and junior QFs.
This year WTA part was more interesting to watch.

Alba Barragan

More than an hour, but that's because I watched quite a lot of WTA matches. If we talk about ATP, then less than one hour ;)


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As much as I could of the men's matches (saw only highlights of the women's). Watched both semis and the final.


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Probably watched about 2.5 hours of it. The timing is garbage, I'm at work and the matches are over by time lunch rolls around. Not to mention that the FO is increasingly boring to watch. Incredibly slow and the same guy wins or reaches deep into the second week 100% of the time.
The crowds are snowflakes. the fact the tournament hasn't joined the 21st century and has lighting or a roof, makes it incredibly boring to be a spectator across the pond.