How much space is good, and how much is too much?

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I currently wear a size 11 cage 3, however the shoe stretches after wear. My left foot has about two to and a half fingers, while my right is one and a half. I tried a 10.5, and it felt better because I still had room, but less because I like having a little less room than that, so how much is too much, and am I good?


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What if your 2nd toe is always bruising the toe nail? Is the shoe too small? Or am i just not tying the throat tight enough?

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Trim the toe nails short, bang on the heel when the foot is in, before tying the laces tight.
Having custom, or good aftermarket insoles, helps a lot too.

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Basically, for any performance activity, you need the snug fit.
Measure your longer (bare) foot by stepping against baseboard and marking the longest toe to the floor. The size rounded off to closest 0.5 cm is your Mondo Point size, often marked on the sport shoes as "Japan" size.
With a quality insole, the foot often becomes a bit shorter.

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