How much SW does 1/2 inch add ??


Hi Guys....

I've just spent some time on the TW Customisation calculator trying to find the answer to this question..... I can't see any way to find the answer ?

... How much swing weight does extending a racquet 1/2 inch add ?

My current frame measures in at 356g strung @ 32cm balance

I'd like to add some swing weight to my frames without adding too much to the static weight, I also like the extra pop and spin available from extended length frames.

Also..... I can't get my head around what adding length does to the balance point (assuming the added length doesn't add weight - I know it will add some so it's more of an academic point)

What have others done to the balance when adding length to a racquet

Thanks Guys

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I have heard that each 1/4 inch adds about 10 points.

Of course, that's a loose figure and would depend on the original weight and other specs of your racquet.

So expect somewhere around a 20-point increase.


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To get any closer than scotus's ballpark, you'd have to know your swingweight, and use the parallel axiom theory... or know your SW and have access to the Member section at USRSA.

- Jack