how often do you beat guys at higher level


How often do you beat players who are ranked a higher level , in terms, of the number ranking like 4.0-5.0.

I am a 4.0 player and I can beat 4.5 players about 20 percent of the time.

I am batting zero percent against 5.0 players and I hate playing them because they are way too good.

I am batting about 100 percent against 3.5 players and win at 4.0 about 70 percent.


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Seems reasonable.
In 4.5, you see lots of players not really in shape, or out of practice, but USED to play 4.5.
You should beat every true 3.5 all the time, every time.
You are much better than me, as a 4.0.


Yes the 4.5 players I tend to be are always out of shape or do not practice as much.
I played one guy who was rated 4.5 and hit the ball well. However, he literally could not move at all and I was able to hit junk and move him around and win. I also do well against doubles 4.5 guys because they do not play much singles.


I've won a set here and there, but not a whole match. Then again I haven't played a whole lot of matches against higher level players.


agreed, sounds correct
NTRP rating mentions that a .5 difference in levels makes it a competitive match at any level, a 1.0 or greater difference would not really be competetive
women and men ratings is a little difference, a 4.0 women is a 3.5 men,,,
now this is based on other factors being equal, age and fitness for example, and on average..

OP. consider yourself lucky that you can play/loose against 5.0s, your only as good as your competition, loosing to 5.0 is doing you more good than its doing them. i say play and loose as much as they will let you, bring balls and beer if you have to, finding high competition to play against is the best experience/training you can get..


Very rarely do I beat someone ranked higher than me. Contrast that with my other problem of playing down to my opponents level and I have a real problem. Haha


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The higher the level one goes, the more consistent the players get so it gets more difficult to beat a player a level up. A match against a Benchmark 2.5 and 3.0 will most likely be a tossup...


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You are doing well if you can beat 20% up a level. I find the difference between a solid 4.0 and 4.5 to be a pretty big jump. Usually at 4.0 you can find a weakness to attack but I have found most 4.5's don't really have a weakness. Also at 4.5 the consistency is very good.


In singles, the way a 0.5 match is going to be an upset is if it really is not a 0.5 difference, which is going to happen all of the time if the lower ranked player is near the top of their grouping.

If you add another significant digit to a 4.0 and a 4.5, then a 4.00 really should not be beating a 4.50 OTOH a 4.45 can easily beat a 4.50 eventually if they play frequently.

Doubles is a different matter


I love playing crappy 4.5 guys and beating them and saying I beat a real 4.5 guy lol

Many guys were rated 4.5 years ago and still have that ranking even through they were never a real 4.5 to begin with. They just got lucky in the year end ratings.


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I'm a 4.5 and have just finished my first season playing on a mens league

in practice and at tournaments tho ive beaten a handful of 5.0s and open players

i dont think im a 4.5 though, next year ill probably be bumped up to 5.0

I dont lose to 4.5s very often, the only way i beat them tho is to get them out of position and go for a shot in the open court.

being a 17 year old that plays over 20 hours a week though, if need be i can always drill them back and forth and side to side until they refuse to run anymore.

ive done that on 1 occasion, the player was a very pushy player and my shots werent going in when i was ripping them, so after losin gthe first set 6-7, i decided to let him play his game and i ran him side to side and then threw in a good amount of drop shots, by the end of the match he could barely walk and i won 6-7 6-1 6-0


Ihate, yes it sounds like you are a 5.0 player!!! Congrads
You play 20 hours per week wow. How often do you restring your rackets. I am guessing every 1-2 weeks since you probably hit the ball hard with spin.
Do you also play open singles tournaments.

Most clubs I play at only have about 4-5 guys who can play at 5.0 level and I rarely see the big 5.5 that much. Your like the black belt of the tennis club.