How often do you make a 'terminal' mistake?

Hi guys.

Quick question for you experienced stringers.

How often do you make a mistake that requires you to start the job again?

Is it 1 in 20 jobs or 1 in a 100?

Or even less?

Cheers, Paul

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Is it 1 in 20 jobs or 1 in a 100?

Or even less?
WAY less. 1 in 1000, if that.
It pretty much never happens. You'll see.

If you're encountering "terminal" issues 1/20, or even 1/100 times, something very abnormal is going on.
What, specifically, is causing your rate to be so high?
Are you stringing/breaking Zyex?
Are you allowing kinks (weak spots) to occur while stringing natural gut?
Hi Wes.

No, I'm at about 1 in a 100 I suppose. But I've only been stringing for about 10 months.

Usually, it's something like accidentally hitting a clamp while weaving. Then needed to redo the frame etc. Not string breakages etc

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So far this year 3 mistakes in about 1400 racquets.

1. Wrong gauge on racquetball racquet.
2. Wrong string on tennis racquet.
3. Misweave on racquetball racquet.

jim e

Brings back memories, as years ago someone asked for Victor Imperial gut for me to string on a T2000 at 65 lbs. Snapped the 1st set real fast, and before I attempted to do that again, I ended up tubing every single loop on that racquet and used heavy leather pad when pulled string over frame before placing through loops. Took forever to string it that way. Learned to never string gut on a T2000 again.That was back around 1970 or so.
Once in a while although not too often fortunately, I will spot a mis weave, and I will restring entire racquet rather than remove and restring as that is what I would expect if someone did that to mine, as I treat each racquet as if it was my own.


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It happens rarely to me, but theres thing that happen to me to the following.

-> Realized a misweave on the cross after I take the racket on the court.
-> Break the Knot from pulling it to hard with a starting clamp (happens with 18g strings)
->Main Burning from weaving the crosses

other than that, my string job has been consistent most of the time.


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Replying to this thread is just asking for trouble. Terminal errors aren't very common for me, but every once in awhile I'll miss measure off a reel or miss cut a set and not realize it. Those mistakes are rare and have only happened at the end of long day of stringing or when there were many interruptions. Did an on court at a tournament last week and the coach took a picture and texted it to me saying I missed a weave. I studied that image, zoomed in, couldn't see it. After the match I apologized and asked to see it. He laughed and said I knew you would stress, just thought it would be fun to jerk your chain.