How old were you when you started following/playing tennis?


I started playing and following the game at the age of 29.

After a lifetime of playing football and cricket, I made the deliberate decision to learn a completely new sport, something easier on my body. An individual sport. Initially it was going to be golf, but after a few rounds I decided it wasn't for me, and when I accidentally switched on to the World Tour Final between Federer and Djokovic in 2012 and watched it for a while that's when I made by decision.

Haven't looked back since. I've enjoyed every single moment learning the game and realize I still have a long way to go, which Im excited about. I see very talented and skillful players down at my local club and wish I could play like them, but they don't seem to have the same passion for it. I'm grateful that I'm still relatively new to the game and still miles from being burnt out, and still have so much to learn.


Started playing around 10 when I got a Jimmy Connors racquet for Xmas. Greatest following, until last 6 years, was the Connors, McEnroe,
Lendl, Navratilova, and Evert era.


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I started playing when I was 17 years old, in 2010 to be exact about the year, but only started looking at the players after 2 years, so it has not really been long, circa 3-4 years... About tennis classes, it has been one year so far.. so obviously I played with no coach whatsoever for quite some time...


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Interesting topic.

Hooked on the game around 18 but it was mostly just playing than following the scene just watching big matches here and there on TV. Didn't even know about the tour schedule until I was playing in college. That's when Federer was just coming onto the scene and captured my fascination for his greatness. I watched Federer play out in one of the small courts at USOpen and took many photos of him before him winning any majors. And the rest is history.


See my avatar. I was in Jr High School when tennis was offered by the PE Teacher; so 13? Play until college; played after college, but work gets in the way; back at it due to retirement.


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Started playing at 7 or 8 at grass courts at the NSCI. Later, continued at school (used to play with a wooden racquet then, also a Wilson T2000 later). And then a Head Ventoris (made in Austria).

Played again in the 90's in the US with some neighbours who were regulars.

Then again around 2005-6, then got a shoulder injury (which became a frozen shoulder) and had to stop.


First time I picked up a racquet, I was about 5 or so (it was mum's). Second time I was 13 (high school tennis before I broke my hand).

Third time I was 26 and haven't put it down since (I am 46 and a U.S. 5.0 equivalent, I think).

I will play for the rest of my life, God (and body) willing.


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I started following and playing tennis in 2012, took some beginners lesson at the end of 2012 but only hit sporadically with mates until middle of 2014, which was when I decided that tennis is the sport that I want to get serious in. Although I didn't strictly follow the game before that, I did watch some matches on tv from time to time in the early 2000's because my dad follows tennis (around the time of aging Agassi, peak Roddick, and rising Federer).


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I started when I was about 8. Played for a couple of years then stopped.

Started again when I was 35, learning from the ground up. That was 2 years ago.

Always followed tennis but even more so since I started playing again.

I'm addicted.


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Started around 11 or 12. Didn't start playing seriously until about 14-15. I never took private lessons (took group lessons). My area high school had a very active and strong program so I think that helped me improve quite a bit. Around the same time I started, the rest of my family took up the game as well. My sister was a good player and finished 2nd in state her senior year, so I always had a good regular hitting partner.
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Watched at 3, played at 6, wasn't allowed to compete due to me having the worst temper in the world even though I outplayed my fellow players easily...


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I was probably 6 the first time I hit a ball, spent a couple summers playing juniors maybe 10-14? Then I quit for soccer, played that through college and picked tennis back up at 26.


19 - My girlfriend at the time was a senior in high school and on the tennis team. Her family got me into it - about the only good thing I got out of that relationship! I'm 31 now, been playing tennis for over a decade!

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I started playing seriously at thirteen years old, loved it when I was really going at it and progressing, still love it now.