How old were you when you started serious lessons ?


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I don't think anyone should feel bad, regretful for starting at a later age. Trust me, all those ages aren't that late. Some people start at 50. Maybe it's late if you want to make it to like #1 in the world but we juniors have lives don't we? To reach like the top 100 in the world you basically have to devote your life to tennis. I love it but I also love hanging out with my friends, watching TV, eating some junk food once in a while and being NORMAL. Most of us don't really want to be the best based on how much work you are willing to put in.

If you're goal is just to be a good tennis player and enjoy the game, it's never too late. Anyways I started when I was 15, almost 17 now. Played seriously for a year and on and off for half a year. I play #2 varsity doubles now, I'm satisfied with my progress based on how much work and time I put in. Keep in mind I used to be slow and not too athletic. I'm in much better shape and movement in one of my strengths on the court. I hear some people with great rankings and you should be proud of yourselves. Lastly, don't get mad at your parents for not starting you earlier. Children are very fickle with their interests and if you push them too hard with something they will likely hate it. For example, I hate swimming races. I only like to swim for leisure now.


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i started private lessons at like age 11 maybe and then stopped for 5 years and just played with my brother and now i'm back to private lessons and usta tourneys


i started when i was 11 now im 14 in my high school jv
wished i started earlier tho
coulda made varsity freshmen year =(