How Special IS Federer? Read these two LONG Articles

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    Googling around, I found the following two articles written during and after time of the wimbledon. It basically highlights how much he standsout vs. other professional athletes in any field.


    Here are some excerpts:

    If you are Roger Federer you get up at 6.30 and start doing interviews for Swiss TV. Then you sit down, on the patio of your luxurious borrowed house in SW19, blink a little into the sun and try to put into words for the bloke from The Observer what was achieved so effortlessly without them the previous day.

    he tells me. 'I often decide what I will do as it happens and change things instinctively, and people recognise that. But genius? It is certainly nice to hear that. It is even better in the sense that for ages people were saying about me 'this guy will be number one, this guy will win Wimbledon' and so on. But I had not done it. Now I have, so that feels good.'

    As a teenager I would cry after almost every match I lost for about half an hour. Now I don't do that, thankfully. Hardly ever. I think I might have cried if I lost to Roddick yesterday. Certainly I would have been fighting the tears.

    It got to the point where my parents threatened to stop driving me to tournaments if I carried on like this. They were too embarrassed to be seen with me.'

    He was singled out from the earliest age as the kid who could do anything, the prodigy. He says he probably could have made it as a professional footballer, but he was so good at tennis that it was inconceivable he would not pursue it as a career.

    One of his difficulties was that he had always had too much choice. 'My range of shots was a problem. You get a slow ball, and you think, "What am I going to do with this?" If your game is limited, it's simple, you have a shot for each situation and you play it. I had too many options and I had to learn to choose the right shot and the right tactics, not just the most spectacular.

    His girlfriend, Mirka Vavrinec, bought the groceries, cooked, washed up and did the washing and ironing. But does she still shop, cook and wash? “Yes, of course,” she said. “We’re just the same.” But why not use the official laundry service? “I like to use a particular washing powder.”

    “Friendship is what’s important above everything else,” he said. “Ivan and Pat were the same. I’ve been lucky to work with three great players who are all great blokes. I’ve never had a contract with any of them because a shake of the hand is enough. If there’s a problem, we sit down and talk about it.”

    “And there’s another way in which I think he’s unique today. It’s the respect he has for the game. He loves to hear about the past, about Laver and Rosewall and the rest. And he cares about the future. The reason he plays is he loves it.”

    There is also content on Fed's earlier coach Carter from Australia. Fed gives him the credit for his development but also felt responsible for his death.


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