How to beat someone with forehand slice and backhand topspin



I'm a 4.5 player. I played this 4.5 girl last time, she beat me 6-3 6-1. So if I get her again, I need some tips. She has way more experience than me, she played college, but I started playing in my thirties, and I am new at 4.5 level.

But the thing is, she doesn't play like your standard college player. She has this deadly forehand slice that has a side spin and skids to mid court. She hits it mostly to my backhand. She usually hits it cross court but also can surprise to my forehand if I am hanging on the left side. Her backhand is really defensive, she usually lobs it high if I hit topspin to it, and I had a lot of problems with overheads last time I played her. Her backhand has topspin, but not that much. She usually just lobs it high.

I have a strong topspin forehand, (everyone says), high, loopy, western/semi western grip. My backhand is weaker, loopy topspin but not as heavy as my forehand. I can also hit slices, but I usually use it on defense, as they go short most of the time.

Please give me some tips on how to do better against this girl. Maybe I can't beat her yet, but I can definitely win more games.


Just to add up, I am in very good shape, and I am quick. My weakness I think is my backhand, is not quite developed yet. Also my second serve needs to be improved.
Hit one to her backhand, hit the next one to her forehand to get her running, and then come into net. No way can she pass you with a running forehand slice.


A few tactics:

1. As topspin shot says above, attacking the net against a sliced passing shot is a good tactic. But, some slicers also have good lobs. But, this is worth a shot.

2. using slice approach shots of your opponent low mid-court slices is also a good tactic. It is difficult to hit these balls hard unless they sit up above your knees by a few inches.

3. If you are a good vollier, taking high loopy balls out of the air with a swinging volley, or a underspin approach volley is also a good tactic. If you hit a groundstroke deep to your opponents BH and they throw a loopy reply 20 feet into the air, move into the court quickly and take it out of the air. Hit an approach volley out of the air. You can hit it to the open court, to their weaker pass, or occasionally behind them if they start to come out of the corner very fast. I suggest following this into net.

4. try short slices of your own to pull them in. Then run around and try to pass with your FH or lob over them.


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Play her like she's a lefty.
Don't hit to the side she is bothering you with, and only hit there when you have a strong shot in that direction.