How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle


-my choice was looks and price
-i disregarded wood paddles right away
-i went with a $30 average price
-i ended up with a upstreet paddle
-at the time i dont think there was 3x types of materials to choose from, but i think i got in at a good enough time


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Great informational video for those just starting to find their love for pickleball!!!

As far as what I look for in a paddle:
- Grip length (coming from tennis and still wanting to use my two-hand backhand in pickleball, the grip length has to be at least 5.5")
- Balance/Weight (I thought my sweetspot was 8.0 ounces but it all depends on the balance of the paddle, my current paddle is headlight so my sweetspot weight with it is 8.90 ounces)
- Length of the paddle (again, coming from tennis the paddles under 16 inches just don't feel as comfortable and weren't as easy to transition to as the 16"+ paddles)

My paddle of choice is the Gearbox GX6 Power 8.5 ounces; 16 5/8" x 7 3/8"...with headtape and two overgrips it weighs in at 8.90 ounces but doesn't play near that heavy. The hand laid carbon fiber core gives a response unlike any other paddle I've tried (and I've tried 15+) - I also love the edgeless design and the thinness of the paddle!!!