How to choose a racket!

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    This is for those who want to know how to pick a racket that suit them!

    Super Oversize (110-up)
    This are about the same as the Overhead size, but provide more power and touch. Mainly use by the Older and Elderly folk.

    Overhead size (106-110)
    This racket provide the best power and touch, good for starter and for a short stroke. Also good for serve and volley people.
    This size would fix in Double and if you like to play alot of Double, cause the wider the string bed the more touch you get and also of fast ball in a Double game with no time to full swing. As for baseliner, its alrite but you just got to know how to keep the ball in since its very powerful also this size provide good spin so use that to learn how to topspin your shot to make the ball come down.

    Mid Plus (95-105)
    This racket provide half and half of power and control. Good for an all court player. 50/50 to everything like serve, ground stroke, and volley.

    Mid size (below-94)
    Mainly these racket are for those who want all control and no power. These racket you have to feel the racket. What i mean is that its you who make the shot go in not the racket compare to its bigger size brother. So that mean that you have to be a very strong and skill player to use this size.

    So mainly the bigger the head the more power and touch you get unlike the smaller the head the less power you get

    Grip size:
    The smaller the grip the more you can grip the handle for more power and feel as for higher grip size you get less shock and comfort. Grip size range from 1-5

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