How to correctly measure a racquet when changing pallets?

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Harry_Randle, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Hi everyone,

    Thought this would be a useful thread to start that can be used to discuss tye correct way to measure the length of racquets to either 27 or 27.5 inches. I have recently changed my pallets but couldn't get them to 27.5 inches each because of errors in measurements. My aim was to make all of my pro tour 630s 27.5 inches but due to one always being shorter I kept trying to make them shorter and ended up with them at just over 27 inches 1 cm over on each one.

    I think there is alot of confusion out there on how to cut the pallets. What sort of jig to use, and even whether to do it unstrung or string.

    Would be nice to hear a correct way to do it maybe from people that have seen priority one or **** at work.

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    It shouldn't be all that difficult. I do it with all my Radicals (changing to the TK82S pallet and adding 1/4").

    Once the new pallet is on the handle, I slide the butt cap over it and measure the total length. Then, I subtract the desired length to determine how much to cut off the end of the pallet. After that, I slide off the butt cap again, measure out the length to be cut from the end of the pallet, and mark it.

    To do the actual cutting, I just use the saw from my Swiss Army knife, holding the frame down with my hand over the edge of a table. The foam is easy to cut through, so I can focus on cutting straight.

    I've got three frames that are all within a millimeter or two of each other, all at 27 1/4" strung.

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